by U.S.Senator James Inhofe, Senior Member of Armed Services Committee

            Thanking Our Troops is a story of God’s faithfulness through hardships, especially at a time of war and great sacrifice. Our troops and their families experience unique difficulties and so often must rely on the encouragement and support from their fellow citizens; Judy Howard is this citizen. Mrs. Howard inspires her readers, through her patriotic quilt exhibits and books, by providing encouragement and support to our men and women in uniform who voluntarily go into harm’s way in order to protect our freedoms.

Mrs. Howard has gone above and beyond in recognizing the importance of showing appreciation for our troops and their families. She provides the books free of charge for our wounded warriors as a “thank you” to them for their sacrifice. Additionally, the donation of profits from this book and exhibits go to non-profit organizations that provide beautifully crafted quilts for wounded soldiers and families of fallen soldiers. Her generosity is a testament to her selfless attitude and love of our country. I am eternally grateful to our soldiers for the freedoms that have been provided to me, my family and all the citizens of this great nation. I commend Mrs. Howard for her tireless efforts for our servicemen and women and their families

As a senior member of the Senate Armed Forces Committee, I understand the significance of doing all we can to express our gratitude and support for our troops and their families. I encourage everyone who reads this book to share the same patriotic enthusiasm evoked by its author and recognize the unparalleled service and sacrifice made by our troops.




“Adults and children from all over our country produced these beautiful quilts to honor the sacrifices of our men and women in uniform.  Now every home in America can enjoy these works of art that remind us of the price paid for our liberty.”  Tom Coburn, M.D., United States Senator


“Judy Howard’s patriotic quilts have brought comfort to countless wounded veterans and the families of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our nation. We are all grateful to her and to those who have put so much time and effort into these quilts. This is America at its best!” Congresswoman Mary Fallin, Oklahoma


“Judy Howard has masterfully woven the stories of patriots of every kind and description. It is a refreshing new look at history that will inspire one to stand and salute the flag and burst with pride in being an American.” Bob Burke, attorney, author, and historian


“Judy Howard is one of those patriotic and dedicated Americans who truly appreciate and love our military. She combines faith and commitment to our military in this new book Thanking Our Troops. Her heart is full of love for our dedicated men and women who serve the cause of freedom.” The Honorable Allen Clark, former VA Natl. Cemetery Director and Vietnam Veteran, Author of Wounded Soldier, Healing Warrior,, Founder of Combat Faith Lay Ministry, Especially for Veterans/Military,,


As Founder/Executive Director of a nationwide support group for our troops, The Hugs Project, I can tell you that Judy Howard has a huge heart for those in harm's way and those military members affected by the conflict in the Middle East.  This book is her tribute to their incredible service and unselfish sacrifice.  Thank you, Judy for your dedication to those in harm's way.  Karen Stark,


 "As founder of Operation Kid Comfort, I've come to believe, there is no better way to support our troops overseas, than to support and care for their families here at home. Through Thanking Our Troops--God Bless America Touring Quilts and the accompanying traveling exhibits of patriotic quilts, Judy Howard has fulfilled this mandate, honoring the bravest of all Americans: our military personnel and their families. Hooah!"  Ann Flaherty,,,


“Thank you for making this book possible for all of us. We need to have more tributes to our military personnel and their families. Your book and exhibits do that beautifully.”Alice Wilhoit,


“Shortly, our son Austin will answer our Nation’s call to serve his country.  It seems like yesterday he was a baby . . . and now going off to serve, just as his father and his father's father did.  Oh, I’ll miss his tall frame, soft hugs and quiet laughter. Thank you Austin and all brave men and women serving our country.  We love ya!  Without your service our country would not be free.  God Bless and protect our troops.” Linda Everhart, www.QuiltingAmong 


“God Bless America. And God Bless the troops that keep us safe and free, and the quilters who support them!” Ruth Powers,,


“Love of country brings warmth to our hearts and pride to our thoughts. Each of us has some connection with those who uphold our liberties. This is the thread that binds. It is altogether fitting and proper that we honor our country, put out bunting, display the ‘rockets red glare’ of fireworks and, yes, that we make quilts of Red, White, and Blue. These quilts are a small sampling of thousands of patriotic quilts lovingly made by quilters throughout our land. They give us pause to honor and remember the great freedom that is ours.  God Bless America! ” Judy Lyon, 


“Commemorative quilts are among my favorites, and especially patriotic quilts, since my father and grandfather both served. You'll find much to enjoy, and maybe shed a few tears, as you look at these incredible patriotic quilts and read their stories.”
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